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Bicycle Rental Tool

verleihtool.com is a cloud software specifically designed for the management of bicycle rentals. The software allows access to relevant data, e.g., real-time bicycle inventories, increases efficiency through automation, and promotes sustainable mobility by facilitating easier access to bicycles.

With the platform, which has been successfully used across Europe since 2014 and now processes over 100,000 reservations annually, renting bicycles and equipment becomes a breeze.

Development of MLP/MVP

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) represents a basic version of a product that includes only the most essential functions. This allows companies to gain early customers with minimal effort while simultaneously gathering valuable insights into their needs.

Such an MVP was developed in 2015 for europacco.com and has since been undergoing continuous optimizations and developments. Europacco offers a convenient pallet shipping service and parcel shipping service, including home pickup. This eliminates the need to wait in queues at post offices. With online payment and a tracking system, shipping from Italy to the entire world is not only comfortable but also efficient. The delivery times are impressively fast – for example, shipping to USA is within 4-8 days. Even within Italy, shipments are delivered swiftly, typically within 24-48 hours.

Software Solutions for Specific Requirements

In addition to developing rental software and MLP/MVP, we offer software tailored to the specific requirements of diverse target groups. Our range of solutions includes:

  • Content Management System (CMS): An easy-to-use system that allows for independent content management without the need for external service providers. This system is user-friendly and flexible.
  • Time Tracking System for Machinery Consortium: A customized solution for the precise recording of operating hours per machine and farmer, including individual hourly rates and many other features. This system improves administrative efficiency and minimizes errors through digital data capture and processing.
  • Club Management Software: A comprehensive system for managing sport clubs, offering privacy-friendly member administration, online payment of membership fees, handling of course registrations, a digital bulletin board, and digital membership cards.

Consulting Services

  • Market Positioning: A solid strategy for positioning your brand is crucial to stand out in a competitive environment. Through targeted analyses and customized concepts, your target audience is effectively reached, setting you apart from the competition.
  • Technological Innovation: Continuous improvement of your products and exploring new distribution channels are key to success. Consulting includes the integration of cutting-edge technologies to give your products a significant advantage and leverage innovative sales channels.
  • IT Systems Development: In the digital age, efficient and powerful IT systems are essential. From concept to implementation, consulting supports the development and programming of customized systems that meet both current and future requirements.

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