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Web development

Our well-crafted responsive websites deliver best user experiences across all platforms and devices. Our web development services: front-end development, back-end development, CMS integration, shopping cart development, performance optimization, quality assurance testing;

Digital marketing strategy

An inconsistent marketing strategy creates an inability to measure marketing results (ROI), and is the #1 reason why youโ€™re spending money without seeing the results youโ€™d hoped for. Weโ€™ll work with you to set and follow a clear online marketing roadmap that leads to revenue growth.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development

According to Keep It Short & Simple, we develop a minimally functional product.
This allows you to get your product or service online as quickly as possible and optimise it with user feedback.

Improving checkout processes

We are happy to pass on the experience we have gained from 10 years of e-commerce. Simple adjustments are often enough to double sales.

  • Understand: Layout and content are adapted for user devices.
  • Optimise: Use of privacy-friendly tools.
  • Reactivate: Generate loyal customers.
  • Multiply: Get referrals and win new customers.

Speed for your website

Visitors and search engines love fast websites. Amazon even talks about +1% turnover per 100ms acceleration of the page loading time. Which factors are actually relevant for fast websites and is your website fast enough?

  • Analysis of the current situation.
  • Preparation of useful actions.
  • Implementation of the optimisation.
  • Daily monitoring and automated notification of changes.

Unsure if your website is search engine friendly?

Don't worry, we can help! We offer a variety of services that will make your website more visible to users and easier for search engines to understand. This means you'll reach more relevant users and increase traffic to your site.
Our team of experts are here to help you achieve success online. We'll provide you with the advice and support you need to expand into new markets and grow your business.

Tools of these providers are used:

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  • SEO audit: We check the technical fitness of your website.
  • Advice on development: HTML validation, finding 404 errors, meta information etc.
  • The perfect content: Delivery of text and translations.
  • Full implementation: Optimised CMS and lightning fast landing pages.
  • Pulling the right lever: Reduce bounces and generate revenue.

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About websystems

David Gstrein has acquired an extensive knowledge in online marketing and product development through a strong hands-on mentality.
Working together with experts, we develop applications in an efficient way.

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